What is the Lt. Governor's Challenge?

The Mission of the Lt. Governor's Challenge is to improve the quality of life of all Delawareans. The program honors the individuals, organizations and institutions that inspire others by making healthy choices the easiest choices for their communities, ultimately helping elevate the well-being, productivity, and prosperity of our state.

We want to share your unique and successful health and wellness programs, policies and environmental changes! Nominate yourself, your organization or someone you know.


Why participate in the challenge?

Lt. Governor Dr .Bethany Hall-Long and Governor John Carney promote the 2020 Lt. Governor’s Challenge

Lt. Governor Dr. Bethany Hall-Long and Governor John Carney promote the 2020 Lt. Governor’s Challenge

More than just a recognition program for health and wellness initiatives, the Lt. Governor’s Challenge is an opportunity for you to be a driver of change in your own family, neighborhood, workplace, faith organization/institution, community or school. Whether you are nominating yourself or a group you find deserving of recognition, by sharing your nominees’ stories and outcomes, you motivate them to continue, and grow their initiatives, while also encouraging fellow Delawareans to take a look at how they, too, can take steps toward healthier living!


The 2023 Lt. Governor’s Challenge review committee is looking for details of how your nomination drove the most effective results through Policy, System and/or Environmental (PSE) changes. Policy, systems and environmental (PSE) changes are strategic and deliberate ways of addressing public health issues. Many health-promoting programs focus on individual behavior change, assuming that if you teach people what will make them healthy, they will find a way to be healthy. Unfortunately, being healthy is not just about individual choices. Where you live affects how you live and you simply cannot make healthy decisions if healthy options are not accessible and easily available. By changing laws, rules and environments, PSE strategies ensure that healthy choices are practical, available and accessible.

Let’s say your initiative involved Healthy Vending Machines:

  • Policy: Any statement requiring a certain percentage of foods in company vending machines to meet nutritional standards.
  • System: Working with vending machine operators to change the items to more healthy ones.
  • Environment: Increased availability of healthy food choices and providing educational materials to inform and encourage employees about the healthy changes.

* A note on COVID-19 related initiatives and submissions: While we do applaud COVID-19 precautions, submissions that align with (as opposed to going above and beyond) State & Federal COVID-19 requirements will not be considered for scoring.

We look forward to receiving your nominations and continually providing ways we can support you and future generations on your journey!