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How to Nominate

Follow these simple step-by-step instructions to submit an individual, organization or group for consideration in the 2024 Lt. Governor’s Challenge by Apr 1st.

You may nominate yourself, another individual, a group you are a part of or a group you are not involved with but feel exemplifies the promotion and practice of healthier living. Nominations must be submitted online via this website by Apr 1st; no mail-in nominations will be accepted.

Step one
What Is Your Nominee’s Area of Focus?

We’re looking for individuals or groups who go above and beyond what’s regularly expected of them in their efforts to create a healthier state. Nominees should drive results through policy, system, and/or environmental (PSE) changes in one of four areas of focus:

  • Emotional Well-Being

    Emotional Well-Being Unique initiatives promote and support emotional health through stress reduction, fostering of positive behaviors, emotional support groups, or similar opportunities.

  • Healthy Living

    Unique initiatives foster environments for learning and lifestyle behavior changes related to healthier eating and drinking, exercise, weight control/obesity prevention, and avoidance or reduction of unhealthy habits such as tobacco use or excessive use of alcohol.

  • Chronic Disease Management and Prevention

    Unique initiatives promote and offer access to health screenings, foster understanding of chronic diseases and how to live with them, and create an environment to support a higher quality of life for individuals living with a chronic disease.

  • Mother and Child Health

    Unique initiatives offer such opportunities as a breastfeeding policy, an environment supportive of breastfeeding mothers and access to early childcare, which support the formation of a physically and emotionally healthy relationship between a mother and child in the early years of development.

Step two
Who Can You Nominate?


Office, factory, hospital, etc.


Includes early-childcare environments through elementary, high school, college, and other higher education

Community with a Shared Interest

Examples include faith communities, athletic/sporting groups, recreational centers, senior groups, book clubs, support groups and other groups with a shared mission.

Town, City or Neighborhood

Group is defined by shared geography


One person setting a singular example in his or her everyday living

Step three
Complete and Submit Your Nomination by Apr 1st

Your nomination must include the following:

  1. Who or what team or organization is responsible for the achievement?
  2. What PSE changes did they make and what did these changes accomplish?

Incomplete nomination forms will not be considered. No exceptions will be made for this requirement. Please be sure to fill out all sections of the nomination form fully and include as much detail as you can within the word limits on the form. Your nomination will consist of several short-form responses that explain why your nominee exemplifies the mission of the Lt. Governor’s Challenge.

* COVID-19 related initiatives and submissions: While we do applaud COVID-19 precautions, submissions that align with (as opposed to going above and beyond) State & Federal COVID-19 requirements will not be considered for scoring.

Nominations are currently closed.

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Note: Based on the quantity and quality of nominations, the Lt. Governor and the Lt. Governor’s Challenge review committee may or may not select awards for every area of focus and every community category within those areas. Similarly, we reserve the right to present more than one award per area and category.

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