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Whether you are a human resource director at a firm, an activities director at a senior center, a school principal, or an individual ready to go beyond calorie counting, recognizing the need to initiate or expand a health and wellness plan is a great first step. Next, decide on which direction to take your goals, build an appropriate strategy for yourself or your group, and implement steps for achieving your vision. This resource section will guide you through all of these choices, while also helping to ensure that you come up with a program that fits the Lt. Governor’s Challenge criteria and, most importantly, motivates long-term behavioral changes that make a measurable impact on the well-being of individual lives and communities as a whole.

Resources to get you started
Group/Institution Leaders

Schools, offices, manufacturing plants, community organizations, public service offices, parks and recreation centers, senior living communities, groups with a shared interest — all of these and many more offer an excellent starting point for implementing a health and wellness program focused on short-term motivation and long-term impact! Successful group/institutional programs — that will gain the attention from the Lt. Governors Challenge review committee — focus on driving the most effective results for the greatest number of people through Policy, System and/or Environmental (PSE) changes. The following resources provide you with additional direction on the purpose and structure of a PSE approach, as well as a host of ideas to get you started on building your own.


So, maybe Governor Carney’s health and wellness program inspired you to watch your calories and count your steps, and now you are wanting something more. Maybe you’ve seen other family members or friends reap the physical and emotional health benefits of really committing to lifestyle changes. Maybe you know that making such changes is the right thing to do — for yourself and those who look up to you. Whatever has inspired you to go beyond basic health-improvement efforts and expand your personal activities for long-term well-being, we’re here to help! We’ve collected these resources to help you get started on a “bigger” course for improving your individual health — and to support you all along the journey.